National Progress Reports in Agrometeorology

The WMO Secretariat prepared and circulated a detailed questionnaire for the preparation of National Reports on Progress Made in Agricultural Meteorology by Members per Recommendation 1 of CAgM-XIV. In accordance with this recommendation, the WMO Secretariat will continue to compile the information in a comprehensive database to make it available to members.



Part 3 - Agrometeorological Services for Agriculture
3.6. Media interaction: routinely/in person
- Radio
Algeria -
Argentina Yes
Austria No
Azerbaijan Yes
Bahrain No
Bangladesh Yes
Belarus Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes
Brazil Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Canada Yes
Chile Yes
China No
Colombia Yes
Congo Yes
Croatia Yes
Cyprus Yes
Czech Republic No
Côte D'Ivoire No
Dominican Republic No
Ecuador No
Egypt No
Ethiopia Yes
Fiji Yes
France No
Gambia Yes
Georgia Yes
Germany No
Greece No
Hungary Yes
Iran, Islamic Republic of Yes
Ireland Yes
Israel No
Kazakhstan No
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Yes
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Yes
Malawi Yes
Malaysia -
Mali Yes
Moldova, Republic of Yes
Nepal No
Niger Yes
Peru Yes
Philippines Yes
Poland Yes
Portugal No
Romania Yes
Russian Federation Yes
Saint Lucia No
Samoa No
Serbia Yes
Slovakia No
Slovenia Yes
Spain No
Sudan Yes
Switzerland No
Trinidad and Tobago No
United Arab Emirates -
United Kingdom No
United States Yes
Uzbekistan Yes
Venezuela No
Zimbabwe Yes
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