National Progress Reports in Agrometeorology

The WMO Secretariat prepared and circulated a detailed questionnaire for the preparation of National Reports on Progress Made in Agricultural Meteorology by Members per Recommendation 1 of CAgM-XIV. In accordance with this recommendation, the WMO Secretariat will continue to compile the information in a comprehensive database to make it available to members.



Part 3 - Agrometeorological Services for Agriculture
3.5. Collaboration with other organizations (including important achievements)
3.5b. Please list the names of the non-governmental organization (NGOs) that your service collaborated with during 2002-2005
Algeria N/A
Argentina N/A
Austria N/A
Azerbaijan Agroinform Centre

Farmer Union of Azerbaijan
Bahrain N/A
Bangladesh N/A
Belarus N/A
Bosnia and Herzegovina FAO


World Bank

Brazil Water Shed Divisions.

Civil Defense Organizations
Bulgaria Newspapers

Insurance Companies

Legal Institutions

Broadcast and TV Companies

Internet distributors and specialized sites

Canada Soil Conservation Council of Canada

Dairy Farmers of Canada

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Canadian Pork Council

Numerous universities and academic networks

Canadian Institute for Climate Studies
Chile Empresa Internacional De Agronegocios Syngenta

Corporacion Agricola Zona Central (Corpora Agricola)

Fundacion De Desarrollo Fruticola (FDF)

Asociacion De Canalistas VI Region

Asociacion De Canalistas IV Region

China N/A
Colombia Rice Federation

Palm tree Federation

Cacao Federation

Flower Society

Banana farmers association
Congo -
Croatia N/A
Cyprus N/A
Czech Republic Agricultural University Prag

Mendel Agricultural and Forest University Brno

Czech Unity of Vegetable Growers
Côte D'Ivoire -
Dominican Republic COOPRODESCO (Cooperativa Nacional de Servicios Multiples, Producción, Desarrollo Social y Comunitario)
Ecuador Ecociencia

Flower Growers Group
Egypt N/A
Ethiopia FAO



World Vision
Fiji World Wide Fund for Nature

Red Cross Internacional

Consolídate Farming

Fiji Sugar Corporation
France Groupama SA


Astrium (Infoterra)
Gambia Catholic Relief Services
Georgia Georgian council of Hydrometeorologists
Germany Deutcher Bauernverband (German Farmers Association)
Greece N/A
Hungary N/A
Iran, Islamic Republic of The Society of Climatology

The Society of Meteorology

The Society of Agronomy

The Institute of Agricultural Engineering

The Society of Agricultural Science
Ireland University College Dublin

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Nacional Ploughing Association

Israel Regional Research and Development Institutes

JNF (Forest and land use)

Fund for compensation from agricultural disasters
Kazakhstan Grain Development “Glencore”

National Food Corporations

Other Users
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of N/A
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Agricultural Association
Malawi The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations

Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Regional Remote Sensing Unit

SADC Drought Monitoring Centre

Agriculture Research and Extension Trust (ARET)

National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi (NASFARM)

USAID Famine and Early Warning Systems (FEWSNET)
Malaysia N/A
Mali Secretariat de Coordination des Actions des ONG (Seco/Ong)

Comite de Coordination des Actions des ONG (Cca/Ong)
Moldova, Republic of NGO “Bios”

NGO “Comrat”
Nepal N/A
Peru Consortium of Private Organizations for Promoting the Developmento of the Micro and Small Enterprise (COPEME)

Agriculture Promotion Association (ASPA)

Rural Institute of Valle Grande
Philippines Research institutions (i.e.,International Rice Research Institute, others)
Poland The Chamber of Agriculture
Portugal League for the Protection of Nature (collaboration through the PANCD)

Portuguese Association of Hydrological Resources
Romania TERRA MILLENIUM III - workshops and seminars
Russian Federation Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Science-Research Enterprises specialised in agriculture
Saint Lucia N/A
Samoa Sungo - Samoa Umbrella of NGOs

Red Cross
Serbia None
Slovakia None
Slovenia @- Forum

SDNO - Slovene Society for Irrigation and Drainage
Spain N/A
Sudan WFP

Switzerland SRVA, Case postale 128, CH-1000 Lausanne 6

Swiss College of Agriculture (SCAL), Länggasse 85, CH-3052 Zollikofen
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Barbados)

CAB International Limited (Trinidad and Tobago)
United Arab Emirates N/A
United Kingdom N/A
United States International Research Institute

Universities (Extension Service)

National Drought Mitigation Center

Western Governors Association
Uzbekistan ECOSAN International ecological fund

«Soglom ovlod uchun» fund

International Institute of Bio-diversity of the Central Asia
Venezuela Producer Associations

Agricultural Cooperatives

Zimbabwe FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization

DMC (Drought Monitoring Centre)

RSU (Regional Remote Sensing Unity
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