National Progress Reports in Agrometeorology

The WMO Secretariat prepared and circulated a detailed questionnaire for the preparation of National Reports on Progress Made in Agricultural Meteorology by Members per Recommendation 1 of CAgM-XIV. In accordance with this recommendation, the WMO Secretariat will continue to compile the information in a comprehensive database to make it available to members.



Part 3 - Agrometeorological Services for Agriculture
3.4. Agrometeorological Information on the Internet
- Specify the agrometeorological products posted on your website
Algeria N/A
Argentina PROAGRO (Forecast)

Pronósticos para incendios

Pronósticos de la intensidad solar ultravioleta (ISUV-ISUVn)

Pronósticos de tendencia

Pronósticos de heladas tardías

Indice de Vegetación Normalizado

Boletin agroclimático decádico

Balance Hidrico

Evolución de los principales cultivos

Estado de humedad del suelo

Boletin agroclimatologico mensual
Austria Forecast of risk of forest fires
Azerbaijan 1-3 day forecasts
Bahrain N/A
Bangladesh N/A
Belarus N/A
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ten-day agrometeorological outlook

Daily soil temperatures
Brazil Some of the agrometeorological products indicated in the topic 3.2

Meteorological data (tables/maps) for the State of Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Goiás

Meteorological data (tables with normals for 1971/2000, daily and montly data from 1998 up to 2006) for the city of Pelotas (Capão do Leão, Rio Grande do Sul)

Meteorological data ( tables with historic values) temperature, rainfall

Climate Forecasting (3 months) for the State of Rio Grande do Sul (COPAAERGS)

Links with several web sites (national and international) related to Agrometeorology

Warning system and agrometeorology advisory informations

Drought indices

Water Balance parameters

Fire risks informations

Climate forecasting and drought prognosis

Agrometeorological Maps (monitoring and forecast)

Planting Date Calendar

Precipitation Probability Map

Crop Production Map
Bulgaria Agrometeorological bulletin
Canada Technical bulletins on heat units and crop production and on impacts of climate change on agroclimatic indices in regions of Canada

GHG calculator: a downloadable program that will estimate GHG emissions from whole Farms

NOTE: A lot of research work is also available on websites. For example, Climate severity index projections: and

The Canadian Climate Impacts Scenarios:
Chile Tendencia Agrometeorologica Validez 3 Meses

Pronostico Agrometeorologico Para La Region Metropolitana

Perspectiva Agrometeorologica Semanal

Mapas De Temperatura Zona Central

Boletin Agrometeorologico Semanal


Colombia Monitoring of rain, temperature, sunshine, drought, frost, water availability for different crops and agroclimatology
Congo Bulletin agrométéorologique décadaire

Bulletin de veille climatique
Croatia Agrometeorological Bulletin

Soil temperature at 5 cm and 20 cm

Maps of the extreme temperature, insolation duration and precipitation amount

Assessment of the fire weather index
Cyprus Current weather

Czech Republic Free : only common description of our activities & products (no data)
Data is on protected pages ("intranet")
Côte D'Ivoire -
Dominican Republic Boletin Agrometeorologico Mensual

Boletin Incidencia Climática para la Agricultura Mensual
Ecuador Dekadal and monthly bulletins
Egypt N/A
Ethiopia Ten daily agrometeorological bulletin

Monthly agrometeorological bulletin

Seasonal agrometeorological bulletin
Fiji Monthly Weather Summary

Annual Weather Summary

Sugar Sector Rainfall Outlook

Fiji Climate News
France Images radars

Bulletins pour l’irrigation

Données et statistiques phénologiques (dates de stades, avances et retard en végétation)



Sommes de températures
Gambia N/A
Georgia N/A
Germany agrowetter Prognose: agrometeorological forecasts

agrowetter Beregnung: irrigation advices

agrowetter Berichte: agrometeorological reports
Greece N/A
Hungary OMSZ:
Internet Expert Advisory system for drainage

Description of past climate anomalies
Iran, Islamic Republic of Recommendations for farmers using agrometeorological forecasts
Ireland Daily forecasts and outlooks

Monthly means maps

Past seven days weather

Percentages of normal

Climate information on rainfall temperature wind
Israel Pan evaporation

Potential evapotranspiration

Winter chilling portions
Kazakhstan N/A
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of N/A
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Precipitation (dekadal and monthly)

Short monthly agrometeorological bulletin

Information for agricultural crops


What is agrometeorology, phenology

Phenological and agrometeorological network

Archive data
Malawi 10-Day Rainfall and Agrometeorological Bulletin during growing season (October – April)

General weather forecasts (Daily and 5-Day updates)
Malaysia 10-Day AgroMeteorological Bulletin

Soil Moisture Index

Fire Danger Rating System
Mali N/A
Moldova, Republic of Data on weather impact on agricultural crops for week, decade, month, and vegetation period

Forecasts of available soil moisture at the beginning of the spring field works

Forecasts of the major crops for maturity and growing periods

Forecasts of the expected yield of the major crops (winter wheat, maize, sunflower, and sugar beet) up to 1-3 months

Data on wintering and possible damage of winter crops, horticultural crops and vineyards

Data on dangerous weather phenomena, impact, damage assessment
Nepal N/A
Niger Agro-hydro-meteorological decadal bulletin

Special bulletin for decision-makers
Peru Weekly , fortnightly, decadal and monthly Bulletins

Summary of the Studies carried out

Agrometeorological Bibliography of AR-III
Philippines Monthly weather updates

Seasonal climate forecasts

Daily farm weather forecasts
Poland In development: short term and long term forecasts, warnings, and advisory notes
Portugal Agrometeorological Bulletin (every 10-days)

Reports related with extreme events (droughts)

Maps of agrometeorological parameters and new agrometeorological products are in development and soon will be available
Romania Agrometeorological Bulletin

Specialized products (i.e. maps, graphs)
Russian Federation Reports on crop conditions based on satellite information

Operative decade drought monitoring
Saint Lucia N/A
Samoa None
Serbia Beginning with January 2004, Agrometeorological Department of Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia was preparing new, significantly improved versions of regular agrometeorological bulletins: seven-day, ten-day, monthly and annual. Bulletins are based on actual agrometeorological data obtained from meteorological network on the territory of Serbia, existing agroclimatic documentation, short and medium - range weather forecast., as well as on other information (agricultural, biological) obtained from agricultural organizations and field - specialists. The base period 1971-2000. is used for the climate anomalies assessment The most important agrometeorological parameters, such as potential evapotranspiration, various moisture indices, effective temperature sums, are calculated and presented. Besides the appropriate presentations of the relevant numeric values, bulletins comprise brief summaries of the influence of meteorological factors on the development, growth and yield of crop and seasonal field works carried out in the preceding period, assessment of the crop state, as well as agrometeorological forecasts, advices and warnings in unfavorable weather conditions. On the website of Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia are posted and regularly updated Internet versions of seven-day, ten-day, monthly and annual agrometeorological bulletins. In the Appendix No 1 there is an example of the Monthly Agrometeorological Bulletin. It is, in fact, an outline in English of the original bulletin in Serbian.

The website of Hydrometeorological Service of Montenegro is under serious reconstruction. Besides other improvements, introduction of agrometeorological pages is planned. These pages will contain monthly agrometeorological bulletin, actual soil temperature data, phenological observation review, as well as fire weather section.
Slovakia Forest fire indices
Slovenia All types of phenological data (long term, last year, last month)

Agrometeorological forecast of sunshine duration, precipitation, wind velocity and air temperature for next day

Spring frost in Slovenia (Pamphlet)

Estimate of vulnerability of crop production on agricultural drought (Pamphlet)
Spain Water balance elements (updated every ten-days)

Local quantitative deterministic and probabilistic forecasts of different meteorological parameters for all the Spanish villages and towns.

Agrometeorological bulletin (only intranet)

Drought maps based on SPI drought index (intranet)
Sudan Agromet Dekadal bulletin (samis)
Switzerland Current forecast

Medium term forecast

Precipitation animation 72 h forecast

UV forecast

Pollen forecast

Radar animation

Satellite animation Meteosat

Map of isobars

Soil humidity

Phenology bulletin
Trinidad and Tobago N/A
United Arab Emirates N/A
United Kingdom Potato late blight warnings on
United States U.S. Agricultural Weather Highlights

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

Major World Crop Areas and Climatic Profiles

Related Topics Section
Uzbekistan N/A
Venezuela N/A
Zimbabwe Agromet Bulletin
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