National Progress Reports in Agrometeorology

The WMO Secretariat prepared and circulated a detailed questionnaire for the preparation of National Reports on Progress Made in Agricultural Meteorology by Members per Recommendation 1 of CAgM-XIV. In accordance with this recommendation, the WMO Secretariat will continue to compile the information in a comprehensive database to make it available to members.



Part 3 - Agrometeorological Services for Agriculture
3.2. Please list the agrometeorological products and other services for agriculture products provided by your service
Algeria Bulletin pour l'irrigation (INSID)

Bulletin pour la lutte anti-acridienne (INPV)

Bulletin climatologique décadaire (Direction de l'agriculture)
Argentina PROAGRO (Forecast)

Pronósticos para incendios

Pronósticos de la intensidad solar ultravioleta (ISUV-ISUVn)

Pronósticos de tendencia

Pronósticos de heladas tardías

Indice de Vegetación Normalizado

Boletin agroclimático decádico

Balance Hidrico

Evolución de los principales cultivos

Estado de humedad del suelo

Boletin agroclimatologico mensual
Austria Weather forecast for 30 agricultural regions in Austria

Forecast of risks of forest fires

Weather forecasts for hail insurance company

Weather forecasts for specific newspapers for farmers
Azerbaijan Monthly



Information for Agriculture

Information for Vegetation

Information for the Ministry of Ecology and Resources

Bahrain Monthly Summary
Bangladesh 10 days actual rainfall in mm

Departure percentage of actual rainfall in mm

No. of rainy days

Maximum Temp and Min Temperature/soil temp. Grass Minimum Temp.

Average Evaporation.


Average sunshine hours.

Solar Radiation.

Decadal Weather Bulletin and advisories for the farmers.

Monthly agromet bulletin containing weather data, crop data, Satellite imageries (NDVI), pest & diseases etc.
Belarus Agrometeorological year books

Agrometeorological monthly reports

Agrometeorological bulletin

Agricultural climatological reference books
Bosnia and Herzegovina Daily soil temperatures

Weekly weather and crop bulletin, ten-day bulletins

Monthly agrometeorological bulletin

Warnings of severe agrometeorological phenomena

Brazil Macroclimatic zoning

Agroclimatic zoning (sowing dates) for diferents crops

Probability of minimum air temperature during crop development stages( frost, chilling effects

Estimation of date of panicle differentiation (PD) in irrigated rice based on degree-days (*)

Agroclimatic zoning of Peach and Nectarine for the State of Rio Grande do Sul (*)
Agroclimatic zoning of Citrus for the State of Rio Grande do Sul (*)

Agroclimatic zoning of Pear for the State of Rio Grande do Sul (*)

Drought risks and Hidrometeorological adversities on crops and agriculture practices

Agrometeorological counselling

Agroclimatological crop zoning and crop water requirements

Crop evapotranspiration

Greenhouse planting techniques

CO2 sequestration and mitigation

Micrometeorology and applied climatology

Statistical data analysis and probability function studies

Crop yield and sustainable agriculture studies

Operational agrometeorology and farmers advisory system

Weather data and pests and crop disease

Animal bioclimatology

Climate change and mitigation analysis

(*) Available at the web site(some examples): (Portuguese)

Bulgaria Forecasts of crops growth and development – weekly, monthly and seasonal

Information for soil water dynamics in 0-100 cm soil layer - weekly, monthly and seasonal

Phenological forecasts for stages occurrence of main stages for crops, orchard and forest trees

Crop yields forecast for cereals

Early warning of farmers for extreme weather phenomena and pest and diseases appearance

Management of irrigation assistance

Evapotranspiration monitoring and decision support

Agroclimatic resources assessment and zoning territory for different type of crops growing

Creating and support of agrometeorological data base

Creating and management of to the main page of the NIMH

Canada Farm-scale greenhouse gas calculator (available for download at:

Near real time reporting of moisture conditions and methods to mitigate drought risk (available at:
Chile Anuario Agrometeorologico, Regiones IV A VII

Boletines Agrometeorologicos Mensuales Para Las Regiones IV, V, VI, VII y Region Metropolitana

Boletines Decadales Grados Dia Para Las Regiones IV, V, VI, VII y Region Metropolitana

Boletines Semanales De Horas De Frio Para Las Regiones IV, V, VI, VII y Region Metropolitana

Pronosticos Agrometeorologicos, Para Las Regiones IV, V, VI, VII y Region Metropolitna Incluyendo Comentario Agrometeorologico

Alertas Heladas

Alertas De Incendios Forestales

Informes Agrometeorologicos
China Agrometeorological information in China (Bulletins,ten-day, monthly, seasonally, annually)

Agrometeorological information in China Special Topic Reports,various crops, agrometeorological disasters)

Major crops yield forecast (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Soybean, Foodstuff, Cotton, rapeseed, etc)

Agriculture drought and flooding:soil moisture monitoring (Bulletins,five-day)

Agriculture drought forecast
Colombia Web site

Bulletins (monthly, weekly)


Personal assesment
Congo Bulletin agrométéorologique décadaire

Bulletin de veille climatique
Croatia Assessment of fire weather index

Assessment of growing degree days

Assessment of the Palmer index

Agrometeorological forecast

Data of the phenological phases

Data of soil temperature
Cyprus Weather Forecasts

Information on weather and climate
Czech Republic Weekly agrometeorological Bulletin

Weekly AgM information for watering and ammelioration (field crops, wine, orchard management)

Medium term meteorological forecast for agriculture (3 days)

Weekly AgM information for Plant Protection Office and other phythopathological services (potato blight, apple fire blight and venturia, peronospora on hops)

Monthly AgM information for malt barley growers and purchasers

Weekly AgM information for vegetable growers (incl. forecasts)
Côte D'Ivoire Decadal agrometeorological bulletin
Special bulletin for land fire management
Monthly climate record
Seasonal forecast bulletin
Dominican Republic Revisión de boletines agrtometeorologicos mensuel

Remisión de boletines Incidencia Agrometeorologica Mensual

Cálculo del indice de humedad edáfica

Informes de perdidas en la agricultura por fenómeni externo

Análisis y perspectiva de la sequia agricola

Asesoria a todo el sector agropecuario

Asesoria para instalacion de invernadero en Rep. Dom.

Informes de precipitatión y temperature por region agropecuaria
Ecuador N/A
Egypt Observed Data such as: Wind speed at 2 meter -- wind speed and direction at 10 meter- evaporation from class A-pan – relative humidity –temperature – maximum and minimum temperatures- minimum temperature at 2 cm of grass field - soil temperature in dry and grass fields at depths 2-5-10-20 –50-100-150-300 cm and sun shin duration at 8 stations.

Issuing regularly ( Ten-days Agrometeorological Weather Report ) to help research workers in different branches of agricultural field ,and introduce the meteorological information as fast as possible to plant protection workers.

Training courses of agrometeorological for class III and class I to research workers in different branches of agriculture

Yearly workshop in the field of application of meteorology, hydrology and agriculture meteorology.

Helping the research workers in the field of agrometeorological and calibrate their instruments

Issuing regularly (long rang forecast of Nile flood) to help decision makers to draw water policy

Issuing regularly monthly report of evaporation from Naser lake
Ethiopia Ten daily agromeorological Bulletin (English)

Ten daily agrometeorological Bulletin (Amharic)

Monthly agrometeorological Bulletin (English)

Monthly agrometeorological Bulletin (Amharic)

Seasonal agrometeorological Bulletin (Amharic)

Seasonal agrometeorological Bulletin (Engilish)

Processed data like ETo, Maps

Written material for mass media

Power point presentations

Research output
Fiji Fiji Islands Monthly Weather Summary: This is a routine bulletin that is prepared for various climate sensitive sectors. It includes the months climate in brief, weather patterns, rainfall summary for the country in the last three months, rainfall in the last month, forecast verification based on the past outlooks, temperature grapas for key sites, climate of the last month, climatic records set during the month, El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) update, tropical cyclones, rainfall predictions and summary of data for the month.

Fiji Island Annual Weather Summary: This is the annual report of the Fiji Meteorological Service that describes the climatic pattern of the year. This report includes climate of Fiji in brief, summary of tropical cyclones in the southwest Pacific, tropical cyclones and significant depressions affecting Fiji, Temperaturas and sunshine, weather patterns by month, annual rainfall anomalies since 1957, rainfall prediction análisis and verification, rainfall table with key sites, graphical presentation of data for key sites, Maximum and Minimum temperature and sunshine tables and long term temperatura trend for various sites.

El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Updates: The ENSO up dates are provided for the pectoral long-term planning and risk management. The Bulletin contains the effects of past events, the present status of ENSO conditions, behaviour of Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) and its effects on Fiji’s rainfall.

Special Reports (Sugar Sector and Monasavu Rainfall Outlook, Drought Reports):
These reports are issued in response to the demands in the sugar and energy industry. It is aimed to assist the industries in planning and managing their risks better in the variable to maximise their benefits.

Information Sheets: Various information sheets are available for various pectoral users. Some common ones are on the winds, temperatura, sunshine, solar radiation and extreme climatic events.

Climatological Summaries: Climatological summaries are available for many strategic sites within the network.

Tropical Cyclone Reports

Fiji Climate News: This bulletin is prepared to compliment the Fiji Islands Monthly Weather Summary. The highlights of the month, climate in the respective month, ENSO Up Date and the Seasonal Outlook.
France Prévision à échelle fine (La France est découpée en 700 zones homogènes) à échéance de 36 heures (en 2002, à échéance de 72 heures) : ce service est disponible par téléphone ou par le biais du site Internet de Météo-France (

Prévision probabiliste (à échéance de 9 jours) à partir de la prévision d’ensemble du Centre Européen de Prévision à Moyen terme

Prévisions saisonnières (à échéance de 3 mois) à partir d’une approche multi-modèles (modèles CEP, Météo-France, Met Office, IRI et JMA)

Accès aux données climatologiques observées et aux analyses des modèles numériques à l’aide du logiciel Climathèque disponible par le biais du site Internet de Météo-France (de nombreux clients proviennent du secteur agriculture).

Images radars essentiellement auprès des viticulteurs pour gérer les vendanges et les traitements phytosanitaires (disponibles également à travers le logiciel Climathèque)

Produits spécifiques pour l’Agriculture : Bulletins pour l’irrigation, données et statistiques phénologiques (dates de stades, avances et retard en végétation), enthalpie…
Gambia Dekadal Agrometeorological bulletin

Special bulletin for decision-makers
Georgia Agrometeological Bulletin for each decade

Phenological forecasts

Different tipes of consultations

Warning of weather extreme events
Germany Phone service (Fax and phone on demand) – agrometeorological forecasts

Fax service

Internet: with forecasts, irrigation advice, reports

Special reports

Agricultural papers
Greece N/A
Hungary Met Service (OMSZ):
Internet Expert Advisory system for drainage

Regular ten-days description of past weather

Specialised weather forecasts

NDVI and surface (“skin”) temperature elaborations from satelite observations

Statistical analyse for different region on correlation between plant product and climatical elements, example – need of irrigation, etc.

Teaching facilities (as a University Department) in different levels of training courses
Iran, Islamic Republic of Weekly information on weather and crop growing season

10-day information on crop phenological at different stages

Monthly bulletin of weather and crop phonological observation

Seasonal bulletin of weather and crop phonological observation

Early Warning of Extreme Events (EWEE)

Recommendation related to agrometeorological forecasting
Ireland Weather Forecasts

Warnings of severe weather

Blight Warnings

Animal Diseases

Crop Diseases

Soil Moisture Deficits


Forest Fire Index

FMD Dispersion Model

Growth Model
Israel Regular 10-day bulletin.

Internet website twice-weekly updates of evaporation, evapotranspiration and winter chilling portions

Forecasting for agriculture, with special emphasis on critical events such as frost and heat stress

Seasonal summaries of agrometeorologocal parameters (chilling portions, heat units, extreme events, rainfall distribution, etc..)

Advisories based on speccific requests (e.g., suitability of sites for agricultural production, weather-related crop damage and assessment, etc
Kazakhstan Decade Agrometeorological Bulletin throughout the Territory of Kazakhstan

Forecast of available soil moisture at the beginning of spring fieldwork

Forecast of optimal time of spring crop sowing in grain crop growth zone

Information on the agrometeorological conditions of winter crop growth

Information on the actual soil moisture in the spring from Kazhydromet Network

Forecast of the time of spring crop ripening Kazakhstan

Forecasts of crop capacity of spring crop in Kazakhstan

Forecasts of agrometeorological conditions of crop harvesting in Kazakhstan

Information on the conditions of crop disease and pest development depending on weather conditions
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Agrometeorological condition(temperature, precipitation, sunshine etc)

Degree days and, season start and end date

Soil moisture, paddy water temperature

Soil frozen depth and melting day

Agrometeorological disaster(drought, water logging, cold damage, hail etc)

Phenology of main crop such as rice and maize etc

NOAA image of NDVI, LST, Soil moisture, forest fire

Crop yield prediction of rice and maize
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Decade agrometeorological information

Monthly agrometeorological information

Information for the state of agricultural crops

Monthly agrometorological analyses

Agrometeorological warning for adverse weather condition

Agrometeorological bulletin

Agrometeorological yearbook

Phenological information

Fire weather information

Weather information for plant protection of pests and diseases
Malawi 10-Day Rainfall and Agrometeorological Bulletin during growing season (October – April only)

Pre-Season Forecast and regular updates

Bulletins for Agricultural Production estimates meetings (January, March and June)
Malaysia 10 -Day Agrometerological Bulletin

Agroclimatic Analysis & Outlook

Agrometeorological Advisory to Public
Mali Sowing calendar

Ten days Agrohydrometeorological bulletins

Monthly Agrohydrometeorological ten days bulletins

Annual reports

Specific reports

PRESAO JAS rainfall forecast
Moldova, Republic of Types of agrometeorological data:
Data on weather impact on agricultural crops for week, decade, month, and vegetation period

Forecasts of available soil moisture at the beginning of the spring field works

Forecasts of the major crops for maturity and growing periods

Forecasts of the expected yield of the major crops (winter wheat, maize, sunflower, and sugar beet) up to 1-3 months

Data on wintering and possible damage of winter crops, horticultural crops and vineyards

Data on dangerous weather phenomena, impact, damage assessment

Bulletins of weather impact on agricultural crops, field works carrying out during vegetation period.

Data on wintering conditions of the major crops, horticulture crops and vineyards

Data on the expected available soil moisture at the beginning of the spring field works

Real data on available soil moisture in crops fields during cultivation period

Forecasts of the expected yield of the major crops up to 1-3 months

Data on real and expected conditions of crops growth phases

Real and expected data on active and effective air temperature

Multiannual average data on soil moisture, active and effective air temperature, terms of cultivation/growth periods

Issue of agrometeorological bulletins and yearbook
Nepal Monthly climate summary

Weekly climate summary

Publication of Agromet data

Providing digital agromet data on request
Niger Likely Length of rainfed crop season

Seasonal climatic forecast

Likely successful sowing periods

Maps of areas under risk due to shortness of season

Crop monitoring products (water satisfaction indices, advice on agricultural operations planning

Progression of seasonal vegetation (greenness index)

Yield forecast

End-of-season biomass production estimation
Peru Agroclimatic Bulletin of Peru, (Monthly)

Project for Drought Forecast by Basin, (decadal)

Agrometeorological Abstract, (weekly)

Agrometeorological Forecast for the Urubamba Valley, (decadal)

Agrometeorological Forecast for the Mantario river Valley , (decadal)

A follow-up to the agrometeorological conditions of the Ica Valley, (fortnightly)

A follow-up to the agrometeorological conditions of the Cañete Valley, (fortnightly)

A follow-up to the agrometeorological conditions of the Huaral Valley (fortnighlty)

Impact of weather conditions on agriculture, (decadal)

Bulletin of the Bibliographic Center of ARIII, (half-yearly)
Philippines Daily farm weather forecasts

Philippine agroclimatic review and outlook

Tropical cyclone forecast for Philippine agriculture

Dekadal weather outlook and advisory for agriculture

Monthly impact assessments for agriculture

Monthly weather updates

Monthly/quarterly climate forums
Poland Agrometerological service is not in service at the present but it will be implemented in the near future and will provide warnings, forecasts for crop, fruit and vegetable producers and forestry
Portugal Agrometeorological Bulletin (every 10-days)

Water Balance Model (run on a daily basis)

Annual Agrometeorological Report

Maps for agrometeorological parameters (every 10-days)
Romania Agrometeorological Bulletin (diagnosis/forecasts/ advisories) / weekly, monthly and seasonal

Specialized agrometeorological reports / monthly, seasonal

Specialized products (i.e. maps, thermal and hydric index, NDVI, etc) / weekly, decadal, monthly, seasonal

Publications of research studies in specialized journals
Russian Federation Agrometeorological crop yield forecasts and crop condition assessment

Agrometeorological bulletins


Agroclimatic guide-books

Agrometeorological and agroclimatic recommendations

Expert estimations of assurance cases
Saint Lucia N/A
Samoa N/A
Serbia Agrometeorological data and values of computed agrometeorological parameters as a necessary input for various activities (e.g. plant protection, exploitation of the irrigation systems, definition of technological maturity of some crops etc.)

Seven-day, ten-day, monthly, seasonal and annual agrometeorological analyses (analyses of the influence of meteorological factors on the development, growth and yield of crops)

Agrometeorological forecasts, advice and warnings in unfavourable weather conditions

Annual reviews of agrometeorological observations (yearbooks, e.g. Soil Temperature, Phenological, Class A Evaporation)

Periodical publications of the results of agrometeorological research
Slovakia Agrometeorological and Phenological Report (monhly and annual)

Bulletin Meteorology and Climatology (monthly)

National Climate Programme Reports (annual)

The Fourth National Communication of the Slovak Republic on Climate Change 2005
Slovenia Agrometeorological monthly reports – Monthly Bulletin EARS

Agricultural monthly reviews

Monthly data on regular phenological observations

Daily agrometeorological information and forecast at Internet web

Brochures and info pamphlets

Press releases – newspapers, reviews, professional papers, radio, TV, Teletext
Spain Agrometeorogical bulletin

Phenological data and information

National Water Balance

Local quantitative deterministic and probabilistic forecasts of different meteorological parameters

Frost probability

Specific forecastfor forest fire prevention and control. Generation of maps of forest fires risk forecasting values
Sudan Bulletins

Agromet advises

Daily summary

Frost forecast by Handy

5-day-forecast by telefax
Trinidad and Tobago Weather Forecasts

Wind Speed and Direction

Climatological Rainfall
United Arab Emirates Temperature




United Kingdom MORECS – a national evaporation and soil moisture balance model

BlightWatch – a national potato late blight warning servive, interpolated to postal areas

Raspberry Cane Midge – a warning system based upon accumulated soil temperatures

Leaf Fall Modelling – a low rail-head adhesion warning system for the railway industry

Dispersion modelling (odour) – for intensive livestock farms (land use planning issues)

Weekly Weather Summaries – national weather summaries for the arable sector

Arable DS – weather feeds for an arable crops decision support system

Ammonia emissions and deposition modelling for protected ecology sites
United States At Federal level (USDA): Weekly Weather & Crop Bulletin, briefings to decision-makers, publications, and research.

At state level: research, education, and extension service to farmers.

Advisory service: special frost advisories in winter; spraying and irrigation recommendations in summer, etc., for specific crops such as citrus in Florida or corn in Nebraska. Services also specialized in water supplies in western United States that utilized high amounts of water for agriculture and other consumptive need.
Uzbekistan Daily weather bulletin

10-day agrometeorological bulletin

Seasonal agrometeorological reviews

Special staff reports on the state of agricultural crops

Phenological forecasts

Forecasts of crop capacity and gross yield of agricultural crops

Estimation of forage reserves of pasture vegetation

Recommendations on optimum terms of agricultural technical measures

Ecological bulletin

Short- and medium-term weather forecasts, storm weather warnings

Estimation of water resources
Venezuela Agrometeorological bulletins, National Institute of Agricultural Investigations (INIA), Ministry of the Atmosphere (MARN)

Agrometeorological prognoses, MARN

Projects of investigation (INIA, MARN)

Consultancies in Agrometeorology

Functions of institutions (MARN)
Zimbabwe Ten-day Agromet Bulletins

Farmweather Bulletins

TV Programmes

Frost Warnings in Media (TV, Radio and Newspapers)
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