National Progress Reports in Agrometeorology

The WMO Secretariat prepared and circulated a detailed questionnaire for the preparation of National Reports on Progress Made in Agricultural Meteorology by Members per Recommendation 1 of CAgM-XIV. In accordance with this recommendation, the WMO Secretariat will continue to compile the information in a comprehensive database to make it available to members.



Part 7 - Drought Indicies
- Please list the five most-used drought indices in your service.
Argentina Agrometeorological drought: Water Balance
Austria SPI



Rainfall deciles

Climatic water balance (Precip-ETp)

Bangladesh -
Belize SPI

Bolivia Índice de sequia de PALMER

Ocasionalmente el Índice de Disponibilidad Hídrica
Bosnia and Herzegovina SPI

Bulgaria Balance of atmosphere moisturizing

hydrothermal coefficient of Seliyaninov

Drought index
Burkina Faso -
Canada Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI)

Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)

Precipitation percent of Normal

Precipitation as a percentile of historic distribution
Cape Verde Index of severity of drought of Palmer

Standardized Precipitation Index
Chile No
Colombia SPI (Índice de precipitación estandarizada)
Croatia Palmer Index


wet and dry conditions
Cyprus SPI

Denmark -
Ecuador Índice de clasificación de precipitación o sequía (HIMAT-IDEAM; Colombia).

Índice de Bienestar Hídrico. (Balance Hídrico)

Índice de aridez

.Índice de crecimiento de cultivos

Pronósticos climáticos (Climate Prediction Tools)
El Salvador -
Ethiopia almer’s drought index

Standadized rainfall anomaly index.

Coefficient rainfall variation.

Moisture index.

Thornthwaith’s aridity index
France Meteorological drought : SPI, percentiles

Agrometeorological drought : Soil Water Index based on land surface scheme modelling (water budget and energy budget calculated at Soil Vegetation Atmosphere interface)

Agrometeorological drought : Standardized Soil Water Index

Agrometeorological drought : Self calibrated PDSI (for test only)

Agrometeorological drought : soil moisture modelling with operational water balance model with two reservoirs. Drought assessment can be performed through a comparison of water content with different statistical thresholds
Germany SPI
Greece -
Hong Kong -
Iran, Islamic Republic of PDSI
Ireland -
Japan -
Kazakhstan D.A. Ped

D.I. Shashko

N.N. Ivanov

A.V. prosarev
Korea, Republic of SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index)

PDSI (Palmer Drought Severity Index)

Soil Moisture Index (


Lao People's Democratic Republic -
Lithuania Selianinov’s hydrothermal coefficient
Luxembourg -
Malaysia SPI –Standardized Precipitation Index

Rainfall – Prohibition of Open Burning Advisory
Mauritius -
Moldova, Republic of Hydrothermal coefficient (Selyanninov )

Standardizd Precipitation Index (SPI)

Index moisture Shashko (Md)

Index moisture Ivanov
Morocco 10 day ration of precipitation to normal precipitation

10 day relative difference of cumulated precipitation and culmulated normal precipitation from 1 September

10 day Water Balance

Monthly Standardized Precipitation index

Monthly Palmer Drought Severity index
Mozambique -
Netherlands -
New Zealand Days of soil moisture deficit

Degree of soil moisture deficit

Rainfall anomalies

Temperature anomalies

Rainfall percentiles
Niger -
Nigeria Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)

Hydrological Ratio (HR)

Soil Moisture Index (SMI)
Peru Percentage of Normal

Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)

Drought severity index

Palmer index (PDSI)

Precipitation Index (Pi)
Philippines Percent of Normal

Percentile Rank

Generalized Monsoon Index

Yield Moisture Index

Standard Precipitation Index (very recently)
Portugal PDSI


Romania Agrometeorological indices / operationally activity
- the soil moisture
- the rainfall regime
- the heat waves
- ETP / FAO Penman-Monteith

Drought related-indices derived from remote sensing data / operationally activity
- NDVI / Normalized difference vegetation index

Climatological indices / research activity
- Aridity Index / UNEP
- SPI / Standardized Precipitation Index
- De Martonne’s aridity index
- Seleaninov index
- PDSI / Palmer Drought Severity Index
Russian Federation the ratio of monthly precipitation to the sum of temperatures above 100 decreased tenfold;

number of days with relative air humidity below 30%;

number of days with the maximum air temperature above 250;

water reserves (mm) in the 0-20, 0-50 and 0-100 cm soil layers;
Serbia Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) on the basis of precipitation for previous 30,60, 90 days with one day calculation step, and SPI for 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,12 and 24 months - monthly calculation. In the Appendix II there are examples of moisture conditions assessment - drought monitoring on the basis of SPI.

Palmer’s Z index, which is the measure of monthly moisture anomaly. Z index values are updated at the end of each decade in operative application.

Palmer Drought Index;

Thorntwaite Drought Index;

Calculated soil moisture storage within one meter soil layer below grass plant cover;
Slovakia CWSI

Water Stress Deficit

Relative Evapotranspiration
Slovenia Precipitation Average Anomaly

SPI – Standardised Precipitation Index
South Africa Palmer Drought Index

SPI – Standardized Precipitation Index


Spain SPI (mainly SPI 3 and SPI 6)

Soil moisture compared with Soil Water Capacity

Soil moisture anomaly

Percentage of precipitation compared with normal value (different time scales)


Switzerland SPI
Tajikistan Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Reclamation
Thailand Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)

Aridity Anomaly Index (AI)

Moisture Availability Index(MAI)

Effective Drought Index(EDI)

Generalized Monsoon Index(GMI)
Turkey SPI



Ukraine Hydrothermal Coefficient by Selyaninov (HTC)

Meteorological productivity index by Bagrov

Aridity index by Ped

Estimate according to ratio of actual reserves of moisture in soil and plant needs

Aridity index by Bova
United States Standardized Precipitation Index

Hydrological measures (e.g., stream flow, reservoir levels)

Soil moisture models (e.g., CPC, NLDAS)

Percent of normal precipitation/percentiles data

Palmer-related suite of products (i.e., PHDI, PDSI, Palmer Z Index, CMI)
Uzbekistan Hydrometeorological factor of evaluation of impact of moisture content on the productivity of cotton
Zimbabwe Standardized Precipitation Index
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