National Progress Reports in Agrometeorology

The WMO Secretariat prepared and circulated a detailed questionnaire for the preparation of National Reports on Progress Made in Agricultural Meteorology by Members per Recommendation 1 of CAgM-XIV. In accordance with this recommendation, the WMO Secretariat will continue to compile the information in a comprehensive database to make it available to members.



Part 3 - Agrometeorological Services for Agriculture
3.2. Please list the agrometeorological products and other services for agriculture products provided by your service
Argentina forecast 1 trough 4 days

10 days Hydric Balance (hydric balance, difference with the previous decade, ETP, precipitation less ETP)

Evolution of the Hydric balance along 3 years

Needs of water in the coming 10 days to be: not with drought (Fig3), not at the beginning of drought, in good conditions, starting to have excesses

Precipitation: accumulated precipitation at different periods of time and its anomaly

SPI, Quintiles – Deciles

Number of days with and without precipitation



Temperature maximum, mean end extreme and minimum mean and extreme, mean temperature

Degree Days for 5, 10 and 13ºC

Number of days with minimum temperature below 2ºC and 10ºC, and over 20ºC, and maximum temperature above 30ºC

State of Major Crops in the wheat region

Precipitation and temperature three month tendency forecast

Monthly bulletin
Austria -

Bangladesh Agro met Bulletin and advisory services (Weekly)

GIS Map (weekly)

Average temperature

Total Rainfall


Bright Sun shine hour
Belize Once weekly outlook on the internet

Fire weather outlook
Bolivia Información climatológica calculada como Índice agroclimático

Reproducción en Boletín Agroclimático

Alertas eventuales sobre fenómeno adversos

Mapas con distribución de heladas sequías e inundaciones

Otros de acuerdo a requerimiento del sector agrícola
Bosnia and Herzegovina seven days agrometeorological forecasts

ten days agrometeorological bulletins

fenological reports
Bulgaria Daily weather information with assessment of agrometeorological conditions

Middle-range (5-8 days) agrometeorological forecasts

Long-range (monthly) agrometeorological forecasts

Soil moisture content measurement and irrigation advising

Phenological development observations and farmers advices

Issue of monthly bulletin on natioinal level with assessments for past conditions

Operational assessments of expected yields for basic agricultural crops- wheat, barely, oats, cornflower, maize, potatoes, vegetables, vineyards, etc.
Burkina Faso -
Canada Near Real Time Maps of Agrometeoroligical Indices (actual and departures from normal of Precipitation, Temperature, Growing Degree Days, Regional yield forecasting.
Cape Verde Decadal and monthly climatological bulletins

Rainfall daily bulletins

Chart of start data of season

Chart of end data of season

chart of longer season

chart of zone of risk agroclimatic
Chile Boletín decadal de horas de frío

Boletin agrometeorológico semanal

Pronósticos meteorológicos para la agricultura diarios (con perspectivas hasta 72 horas)

Alertas de Heladas, condiciones propicias para incendios forestales y condiciones extremas de precipitación

Anuario agrometeorológico

Boletín agrometeorológico mensual

Informes diarios del tiempo (Temp. Max., Mín, Evap, Radiación, Precip y viento)
Colombia Boletines agrometeorológicos de pronóstico y seguimiento

Estudios agroclimáticos nacionales y regionales

Mapas y gráficos de indicadores agroclimáticos

Estudios y seguimiento de riesgos agrometeorológicos (heladas, sequías…)
Croatia Assessment of fire weather index

Assessment of growing degree days

Assessment of the Palmer index

Assessment of drought index and SPI

Agrometeorological forecast

Data of the phenological phases

Data of soil temperature

Specific ECMVF products for agrometeorological forecast for Croatia for the nine next days: soil temperature and volumetric soil water for different levels, solar radiations, insolation duration and evaporation

Agrometeorological forecasts for TV (three times a week), radio and newspaper (once a week), internet and SMS (twice a week)
Cyprus Weather Forecasts for the needs of agriculture

Estimation of the SPI Drought Index

Estimation of evapotranspiration for different time scales

Effect of weather conditions on crop yield

Definition of less favourable areas base don climate conditions

Development of Agroecological zone map of Cyprus

Development of various climate surfaces

Establishment of intensity duration frequency curves

Estimation of HDD and CDD

Weather Bulletins
Denmark Forest and Observation for:



Soil Temperature


Water Balance


Solar Radiation
Ecuador Boletines decadales, mensuales, semestrales y anuales.

Balance Hídrico

Artículos técnicos en revistas agropecuarias


Asesoramiento de la influencia de los parámetros meteorológicos en la agricultura (viento, radiación, temperatura, etc.)

Prónostico de humedad del suelo (decadal)
El Salvador Buletin Agrometeorologico decadico (every 10 days)

Informacion climatologica (Temperatura , Iluvia, Viato, etc)
Ethiopia Crop information (Phenological).

Water Requirement Satisfaction Index (WRSI) for about 13 crops.

Agrometeorlogical Bulletins for every (ten days months and seasons).

Agroclimatological and analysis and advices for users.


Rangeland index analysis.

Model based crop monitoring.

Model based qualitative crop yield forecasting.

Analysis of Moisture index.
France High resolution short term meteorological forecasts (France is divided into 700 forecast zones). Range : 96 hours)

Probabilistic forecasts. Range: 14 days.

Seasonal forecasts. Range : 6 months with multi model approach (ECMWF, Météo-France, Met Office, IRI and JMA models)

Climatological data and Numerical Weather forecast model outputs. Available on Météo-France website (

Hourly high resolution rainfall data (method based on rainfall scale-separation principle, rain gauge measurements and rainfall radar data)

Rainfall radar images

Specific products for agriculture: irrigation bulletin, phenological products, spatialized PET

Optimal windows forecasts for fertilizers application

Soil water content maps and drought indices

Monthly forage production maps and water needs maps for irrigated crops for the Ministry of Agriculture

Fire Weather Index maps and products
Germany Phone service – agrometeorological Forecasts

fax service “Wetterfax für die Landwirtschaft”

Internet with forecasts, irrigation advice, reports

special reports

reports for agricultural papers
Greece 10-day Agro-meteorological Bulletin

2-day weather forecast

6-day weather forecast

Warnings for sever weather

Specific weather forecast for public or private sector
Hong Kong Frost warning

Measurement of grass minimum temperatures

Measurement of soil temperatures
Iran, Islamic Republic of Weekly Agromet Bulletins

10-day Agromet Bulletins

Monthly Agromet Bulletins

Seasonal Agromet Bulletins

Weekly Agromet Bulletins

Extension-Scientific Brochures
Ireland Weather forecasts

Warnings of Severe Weather

Plant Disease forecasts ( Potato Blight)

Animal Disease Forecasts (Foot & Mouth, Blue Tongue Virus, Liver Fluke, Nematodirus)

Soil Moisture Deficit

Forest Fire Index

Grass Growth Model

Agri Research Support (data supply, meteorological advice)
Italy weather data, mapping, GIS applications, Rs appication ,early warning, frost prediction, pest and disease models, water and irrigation management
Japan hort-range forecast

one-week forecast

early warning information on extreme weather (this is issued when a high probability (30% or more) of very high or very low seven-day averaged temperature is predicted.)

one-month forecast

three-month forecast

warm/cold season forecast

El Niño outlook

Warning and advisory services for severe weather
Kazakhstan Forecast reserves of moisture in the soil

Forecast the timing of showing crops

Forecast yield

Phenological predictions

Ten-day Bulletin

Reference on the moisture content in soil

Reference on the agricultural condition
Korea, Republic of Digital Climate Map (DCM) in 30~270 m of spatial resolutions with derived products

Nowcast-based and Real time basis plant disease and insect prognosis services

DCM based IPCC SRES scenarios in high resolution on the Korean Peninsular

National crop status projection systems (jointly with rural economy institute)

Decadal & Monthly summary of key agrometeorological weather elements

Real time agrometeorological weather observation data with spatial interpolations

Diverse indices for drought, temperature extremes,

National plant phenology monitoring information

Crop status monitoring (currently only limited to apples)

Various documented information on WMO Agmet guide, cited references, books, etc. on the Web
Lao People's Democratic Republic Meteo and Hydorlogical year book for agriculture sector

Make agro meteorological bulletin (but nowadays stop ,because don’t have budget)
Lithuania Ten-day and monthly reviews of agrometeorological conditions

Certifications of agrometeorological conditions (upon requests)

Information for governmental and municipal institutions and special services upon danger of drought

Agrometeorological briefings for TV and radio channels, print media and individual users
Luxembourg -
Malaysia 10 Day Agrometeorological Bulletin

Agroclimatic Analysis and Outlook

Crop Zonation and Agroclimatic Clasifications

Outlook of Fish Forecasting

Fire Danger Rating System for Malaysia and ASEAN
Mauritius Agrometeorological Bulletin in Pentads for sugar crops (fortnightly)

Rainfall in pentads for the Agroclim regions (Monthly)

Three day weather forecast for farmers (everyday)

Sugar crop Climate summary (beginning of harvest season)

Seasonal Forecast
Moldova, Republic of Data on weather impact on agricultural crops for week, decade, month, and vegetation period.

Forecasts of available soil moisture at the beginning of the spring field works

Forecasts of the major crops for maturity and growing periods.

Forecasts of the expected yield of the major crops (winter wheat, maize, sunflower, and sugar beet) up to 1-3 months.

Data on wintering and possible damage of winter crops, horticultural crops and vineyards.

Data on dangerous weather phenomena, impact, damage assessment.
Morocco 10 day, monthly and seasonal rainfall, temperature and ETP maps

Monthly degree days temperature maps

Predicted seasonal yields maps

Predicted phenological stages maps

10 daz water balance monitoring

Past and disease bulletin
Mozambique We produce the ten-day agrometeorological bulletins

We provide the climatic parameters related to agricultural activities

We produce daily and tour-day forecasts for short term agricultural activities

We participate in the elaboration of the seasonal forecast together with SADC and internacional scientists, which has been used for planning the agricultural activities, other socio-economic activities such us, water resources, disaster management, relief, etc.
Netherlands Agrometeorology is no longer a separate discription in the Neatherland, but considered as part of the general meteorology services provided by KNMI. The only agrometeorologic research that is conducted related to farming condition is in dwelling areas.
New Zealand Historic and up-to-date data provision

Data estimates at locations between observation sites

Up-to-date products (line plots and maps) of current climate conditions

Weather forecasting

15 day forecasting

Seasonal climate outlooks (3 months)

Soil moisture status (monitoring)

Degree-day monitoring

Pasture growth status and forecast

Historical analyses for agricultural management

Climate change projections of several parameters

The NZ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF):
(1) provides support for climate change modelling in relation to specific Ag and
Forestry sector parameters, e.g., fire, disease, agricultural enterprise, water impact;
(2) administers an adverse events policy for agriculture.
Niger 10-Day Agrometeorological Bulletins (Bulletin Agrométéorologique Décadaire)








Peru Bulletin of Peru, (Monthly)

Impact of meteorological conditions on agriculture (every 10 days)

Bulletins on Extreme Events; Droughts and Frosts, for the Mantaro, Pampas, Apurimac, Urubamba, Ramis, Ilave, Chancay, Jequetepeque, Santa, Ilo and Moquegua basins.

Bulletin of agrocimatic risk forecast for the crops in the Mataro valley. -Agrometeorological Forecast for Peru

Bulletin of the Bibliographic Center of ARIII, (half-yearly)

Agroclimatic Studies
Philippines Monthly Weather Situation

ENSO Advisory

Climate Impact Assessment for Agriculture

10 day Agri Weather

Daily Agri Weather
Portugal Agrometeorological bulletins (3 per month)

Charts of agrometeorological elements (ETP, soil moisture)

Hydrological Balance
Romania Agrometeorological Bulletin (diagnosis/forecasts agrometeorological) / weekley, monthly, seasonal (the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter);

Specialized agrometeorological reports / the reports are produced monthly or seasonal and include information on national, regional or local area for one or more crops (barley and winter wheat, rape, maize, sunflower, sugar beet, fruit trees and vines);

Specialized products (thematic maps of air and soil temperature, precipitation and soil moisture at specific dates for agricultural crops, indices and thermal index, aridity index, NDVI ) / weekley, decades, monthly, seasonal. These specific products are developed at national, regional or local area;

Specialized papers published in national and international scientific journals or proceedings;

Articles in specialized agricultural journals nationwide. These articles are disseminated on-line weekly, monthly and seasonally in electronically format (;;;;;

Press release as a result of scientific events with the theme in the field of extreme weather impact on agriculture.
Russian Federation The productivity forecast for different crops and with different lead times;

The operational satellite monitoring results of the current crops state (maps, charts, tables);

Evaluation of bioclimatic potential (BCP) in a changing climate;

The drought monitoring results every 10 days (from May till October);

The agro-meteorological bulletins every 10 days;

The agro-meteorological advices, agro-meteorological information and reviews, agro-meteorological opinions on the request from agricultural organizations;

The expert opinion concerning some insurance events.
Serbia agrometeorological data and values of computed agrometeorological parameters as a necessary input for various activities (e.g. plant protection, exploitation of the irrigation systems, definition of technological maturity of some crops etc.);

seven-day, ten-day, monthly agricultural bulletins, seasonal and annual agrometeorological analyses (analyses of the influence of meteorological factors on the development, growth and yield of crops), as well as special CROPSYST bulletin.

agrometeorological forecasts, advice and warnings in unfavourable weather conditions;

annual reviews of agrometeorological observations (yearbooks: Soil Temperature, Phenological, Class A Evaporation, Evapotranspiration – lysimeter measurements);

periodical publications of the results of agrometeorological research (foremost processing and suitable examination of long series of agrometeorological data).
Slovakia Monthly agrometeorological report

Monthly climatic bulletin

Weekly report in “Farmer newspaper”

Data support for modelers in operational use

Occasional reports in radio and/or TV
Slovenia Agrometeorological monitoring and observations

Meteorological and agrometeorological database administration and data providing

Sagmis - Slovene agrometeorological information system

Agrometeorological information

Project cooperation

Research, agrometeorological analysis and surveys, education
South Africa long-term climate data to users

daily disease warnings for wine industry

monthly bulletin – NDVI, precipitation, temperature

map of climate variables – heat units; chill units; NDVI; temperatures; wind etc

monthly early warning advisories, precipitation; temperature; NDVI; vegetation cover; livestock status.

Ad hoc research projects to solve specific climate related problems.

Seasonal forecast rainfall forecast

Climate Advisory

Press release

Weather and Climate capacity building training

Daily extreme weather warnings
Spain Weekly agrometeorological bulletin

Decadal water balance bulletin

Local quantitative deterministic and probabilistic forecasts of different meteorological parameters (daily)

Frost probability (daily)

Specific forecasts or forest fire prevention and control. Generation of maps of forest fires risk forecasting values (daily)

Drought monitoring products based on SPI (maps and graphics) : monthly updated
Sudan Sudan Dekadal Monitoring Bulletin

Sudan Monthly Monitoring Bulletin

Sudan Seasonal Monitoring Bulletin
Switzerland Specific weather forecasts for agriculture by fax, phone and internet

Weather data service, including soil temperatures and 5cm temperatures

Tajikistan -
Thailand Weather Impact on agriculture(7 and 15 days.)

Crop Water Requirement

Potential Evaportranspiration(7 days)

Water Deficit(7 days)

Technical Document

Weekly Rainfall expected at 0.75 probability

Number of Conseccutive Dry Days

Map of meteorological Element eg., Daily Rainfall, Monthly Rainfall, Accumulate Rainfall, Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature etc.









Ukraine Decade, seasonal, annual agrometeorological bulletins.

Forecasts of productivity of major crops.

Estimates of the weather conditions impact on agricultural production.

Forecasts of winter cereal crops conditions after wintering.

Information about adverse weather conditions for agriculture.

Generalization of long-term agrometeorological observations.

Directories of agroclimatic resources.

Agrometeorological information about the actual condition of crops for analytic companies.
United States tables, charts, maps – describing weather in agricultural areas on national & smaller scales

written assessments – summarizing observed weather impacts on agriculture

forecasts – providing weather & climate outlooks for major agricultural areas

agrometeorological bulletins – packaging products for farmers & decision makers

early warning services – warning farmers & decision makers of potential extreme weather

advisory services – providing farmers recommendations based on weather & climate data

tools – user-friendly models & calculators to help farmers make informed decisions

publications – communicating advances in agrometeorological research & development

extension – helping transfer knowledge & technology among researchers & farmers
Uzbekistan ten-day agrometeorological bulletin

seasonal agrometeorological reviews

special account of the conditions of crops

recommendations on the timing of agricultural work

projections of crop yield

evaluation of forages in the desert pastures

phenological forecasts

evaluation of expected agrometeorological conditions
Zimbabwe Agrometeorology Bulletins

Farm weather services

Frost Bulletin

Fortnightly crop and livestock Bulletin

Dissermination of seasonal forecasts

Formulation of agromet advisories for farmer

Training of extension staff

attend meetings seminars field days

Participation in crop forecasting using WRSI

participation in nationwide crop monitoring and assessments
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